Robotech 30th Anniversary 1/100 Rick Hunter GBP-1J Heavy Armor Veritech

Robotech 30th Anniversary 1/100 Rick Hunter GBP-1J Heavy Armor Veritech View on Entertainment Earth

Decompressing with Toy Art

Decompressing with Toy Art The last few years haven't been the best, but I came back to drawing and that has helped me so much. Sometimes the simpler the better, as with my most recent pieces. Random toy lines, and made-up toys that I would like to have owned. I don't see this run ending [...]

My Shogun Warrior: Neo God Pharaoh from 1997 to 2020

In 1997 I wanted to create my own Shogun Warrior on my Windows 95 PC, I only had MS Paint at the time and my dream. Considering the limitations, I was satisfied with my results. I even made a follow-up image then walked away from my concept. All of the changed today. Don't ask me [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam is getting the Live Action Treatment

   This is welcome news. A live action #Gundam film, but which version? I'm old school and would love to see the original MSG 1979. It's more doable from a budget standpoint, and would be a great jumping off platform for the franchise. We do know that this will be set in the "Universal Century", which [...]