The World is my country,
all mankind are my brethren,
and to do good is my religion.

Thomas Paine

Greetings and Bienvenue. This site represents approximately twenty-five years of my internet experience. From my first site, a single page dedicated to Ultraman | ウルトラマン, to this site dedicated to everything and nothing all at same time. Along the way I had an imported toys store named “Rising Sun Collectibles” that I ran for almost two years, I also ran a Martial Arts related site called “Scholar. Warrior. Monk.” in which I wrote about my experiences in that world. I have run the gambit in my websites crafting.

When did I settle on the Multiverse concept? Sometime in the mid two thousand I created a page dedicated to my passion of taking existing characters and reworking them into others, think taking a Bruce Timm Superman drawing and creating a Captain America from it, that site was called “Temple of the Multiverse”. There were one or two sites after that, then I hit upon “Quantum Multiverse”. I was forced to move on from that when I lost access to that blog.

That brings us too now. I wanted to put a face to the site, and Quantum isn’t really conducive to a character / site mascot. I settled on “Doc Multiverse” / “Doctor Multiverse” as those monikers were easier to pair with an entity.

We are Doctor “Doc” Multiverse, Purveyor of Nerdstalgia™. We dig sharing intriguing items, our illustrations & designs, toys, comics and enjoy meaningful engaging content.

Thank you for joining us…


I design graphics, am a digital artist, collect vintage toys & comics, and I really enjoy sharing the things that I’m passionate about.

There are two sports that I really enjoy following. One is Judo, a sport I tried but didn’t enjoy landing on my opponents nor being landed on by my opponents who outweighed be by a factor of two at times. I love watching the sport though. The other sport I really dig watching is Surfing. It’s something that I’ve always loved but never tried.

Purveyor of Nerdstalgia™

I dig sharing intriguing items, my illustrations / designs, toys, comics and enjoy meaningful engaging content.

Digital Designer & Photoshop Professional
(1995 – Present)

As a Freelancer I’ve designed websites, graphics, set up networks, have made software & hardware purchases for companies. I’ve run entire paid membership communities, and have been responsible for high revenue generating marketing initiatives. One thing that I really enjoy is the process of designing logos for clients

Currently I am primarily designing graphics for apparel and home goods.

Laosi of Wing Chun Kuen
(1989 – Present)

I have taught Wing Chun Kuen (and other Concepts) since I was given permission from my Sifu to take students in 1989, and retired from formal teaching in 2015, with the occasional session from time to time. Also, I enjoy Chen Shi Taijiquan, but I don’t practice it nearly enough anymore. In 2013, at the age of 43, I earned my Shodan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. After I moved away from the home dojo, I was given permission to set up a training group and did so for a while.

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