Greetings, I'd like to introduce myself, the internet knows me as "Doc" and I am the owner of Doctor Multiverse is a website dedicated to all things science fiction and pop culture, featuring articles and reviews on everything from comic books to movies to TV shows. I am a passionate fan of sci-fi & fantasy and have been immersed in the world of both since I was a youngling. Like many of you, I have a wealth of knowledge and insights to share with our community, and I am always eager to engage in discussions and debates about the latest and greatest in sci-fi. So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting started, be sure to check out and join in on the conversation!


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Doctor Multiverse, a Geek blog that runs on inter-dimensional hamsters, and caffeine. I’ve got the hamsters covered but keeping the caffeine in stock is tough. Thank you ㋛



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Sci-Fi Socialist, Collector of Protoculture & Purveyor of Nerdstalgia™ I design graphics, collect vintage toys/comics, & enjoy sharing things that I’m passionate about. My only goals in this life are to spread smiles and make a living off of what I love to do… not a huge profit, just a living.