This is a website dedicated to all thing’s science fiction and pop culture, featuring discussion on everything from comic books to movies & TV shows, toys and games. The site’s been through a few updates, gained some functionality and has had a large uptick in traffic. If you are on BlueSky, let’s connect there. @doctor-multiverse.com

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The New Style

Bold Lines in 2023 Recently I fell into my own art “style”. I am pretty stoked about it. Angular bold lines, muted…

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Gallery: 2023

This gallery is an example of my digital artwork before I settled on “my style”. There are some pieces that I could…

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These art galleries represent my journey as an artist in my later years. Born in 1970, I was drawing since I could remember. This gave way to Martial Arts when I was in my early teens, and drawing became number two in my life. Then computers came along and with the easier to use UI in the mid-nineties, I was hooked into web design. Art was then demoted to number three. When asked by a high school counselor about what I wanted to do with my life, I had three options. Artists, Teacher of Martial Arts, and Rodeo Clown. He was stumped, and I’ve gone on to fulfil two of those three. Now, post fifty trips around our local star, I focus entirely on art.

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Books by Marc Allie

I can highly recommend Marc’s books. He has a way of pulling you right into the story. I not only enjoyed his writings, I also illustrated the cover of Stellar Warlords!



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Sci-Fi Socialist, Collector of Protoculture & Purveyor of Nerdstalgia™ I design graphics, collect vintage toys/comics, & enjoy sharing things that I’m passionate about. My only goals in this life are to spread smiles and make a living off of what I love to do… not a huge profit, just a living.