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While this blogs posts only stretch back to 2012, it has been a work in progress since my first website in 1995.

  • There’s a Starro Waiting in the Sky
    He’d like to come and meet us, and he’d like to take our minds.
  • Children of the Atom
    The Children of the Atom are a group of young vigilantes, they’re comprised of Cherub, Cyclops-Lass, Gimmick, and the brothers Marvel Guy and Daycrawler. […]
  • Babylon 5 Two Point Oh
    JM Straczynski is writing and exec producing, what has been described as a “from-the-ground-up reboot” of the 1990s […]
  • Ken Kelly Gallery
    Let’s take a moment out of our busy day and appreciate the art of Ken Kelly.
  • A New Daredevil Series Is in the Works at Disney+
    According to Variety, a new Daredevil series is moving forward at Disney+. Variety having reportedly learned from sources that […]
  • Star Wars Burger Chef Posters Ad
    Burger Chef never existed in my neck of the woods, but we had Burger King. I was more […]
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
    This feels right. I think they’ve captured Jen’s character perfectly. While I wasn’t an avid reader of the […]
  • Retro Arcade Game Ads
    One of my favorite things to look up is old arcade photos and game cabinet advertisements. Some sell […]
  • 仮面ライダー / Kamen Rider 50 Years Exhibition
    Not all Kamen Rider fans live in Japan, so the majority of us won’t get to view this […]