The Archives

While this blogs posts only stretch back to 2012, it has been a work in progress since my first website in 1995.

  • Predator Jungle Hunter 1:4 Scale Action Figure
    Noting beats the first Predator. Well, except for Dutch. Upgraded 1:4 scale Predator action figure! Entirely accurate to […]
  • Perchance to Dream
    So, have to confess that I never read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I was of a mind that I […]
  • AI Artistry
    Coming up this week, probably Wednesday, I will be posting a series of pieces that were done by […]
  • Digital Art: Playing Around with Doc
    From time to time, I enjoy playing around with my original character persona. The cool thing about the […]
  • Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest
    Once upon a time, in the far flung past of 2016, a wonderful little show aired for a […]
  • Peter Howell gives the Doctor Who Theme an 80s Remix
    Great sci-fi usually is accompanied by an iconic opening theme. If your program is decades old, you often […]
  • Batman “66” Bubblegum Cards
    These bubblegum cards are very charming. There is an innocence about them, and I enjoy the slightly off […]
  • X-Men 2: Clone Wars on Sega
    If you have about an hour and fifteen minutes, then have I got the video for you to […]
  • Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Will Return
    In the wake of the Warner Brothers shake up, many projects have been redacted, and many more jobs […]