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Multiverse Nouveau: All Ages Coloring Book on Amazon

Multiverse Nouveau: All Ages Coloring Book on Amazon Purchase A Collection of illustrations by Darran Hight a.k.a. Doctor Multiverse (me), this was a labor of love. For a long time, I’ve wanted to create something unique to share with people and this coloring book seemed to be the best way to begin. This is something [...]

O.M.A.C. Throws Shade

by Bruce McCorkindale

Battlestar Galactica: Warriors Never Retire

Warriors Never Retire View on TeePublic

Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves

Oh my! We have been tardy to this party by about ten years, we are afraid to admit. It really wasn't even a blip on the radar. There were so many other programs that were just an automatic "must watch" that we had no idea. First, it just seemed like some sort of teen angst [...]

There’s a Starro Waiting in the Sky

He'd like to come and meet us, and he'd like to take our minds.

Children of the Atom

The Children of the Atom are a group of young vigilantes, they're comprised of Cherub, Cyclops-Lass, Gimmick, and the brothers Marvel Guy and Daycrawler. Honestly, I've been sleeping on this title. I read the collection and it is a fresh take on new heroes. Once I put aside my old-man "ughh... this isn't MY X-Men" bullshit, I really got into the [...]