DataBits: Relentless Blades/ Alignment Event/ Immortality/ AI and Art/ 4G on the Moon

Relentless Blades is a new blog from an old classmate of mine from Sacramento, CA. The blog is a companion to his forthcoming novel of the same name. I’ve had the honor of illustrating three of the characters from his tale and looking forward to doing more in the future. Pop in and drop him a like and follow… you will not be disappointed.

DataBits: GPT4/ Hyperreal/ Object 2023 DZ2/ Twitter Code/ Da Vinci

Data Bits are news items of interest that you may have missed in your busy day.

It’s no secret that I think the hyper-wealthy do more harm than good. Anything that humbles them a bit doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Billionaires are not our friends, and Twitter is not the land of “free speech” except for him, those of whom he sucks up to, and anybody who will fill his pocketses.

DataBits: D&D Short Review/Oh, Be-La…/ Undead Undead Undead/ Rushing the Flash/ Soul of Chogokin/ Rod Serling

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Data-Bits: Shin Kamen Rider/ Godzilla Addresses the Audience/ Tolkien Reading Day/ Wheel of Time/ Ahmed Best… Jedi/ Van Life

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Data-Bits: AI/ Arcadia/ Mushrooms/ 3D Printed Rockets/ Pizza/ Gojira

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