Hobby Japan: Produce a High Detail “Gun Barrel Strike” with thorough streak carving

Today on the HobbyJapan site, Streak Carving. Yet another thing that my Essential Tremors prohibit me from doing. It’s a really neat effect, and when applied, can make your affordable models look like their higher-grade counterparts. To read the article, you’ll need a browser that will translate pages for you.

これがエントリーグレード!? 徹底的なスジ彫りでハイディテールな「ガンバレルストライク」を製作【HJ Web人気記事Pick up】

A little bonus video today… this utilizes capillary action to fill in the linework on models. A most impressive use of this principle, I can now detail a Gundam with the best of them, no pens required! The video is from pokopokoMyTube, a personal favorite of mine.

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