G.I. Joe Adventure Team

   These commercials fueled a young boy's dreams... my dreams. My era of G.I. JOE was all about adventure. War was something that everybody wished to forget. This my explain a bit of the "extreme" sports that my generation got into as we grew older.    Many thanks to It Came From Blog for sharing this... Continue Reading →

Morbius? The Living Vampire? Very cool!

   So #Morbius is happening. Morbius the Living Vampire is actually going to be a thing now. To top that, Jared Leto is going to be playing this villain... no not a villain, more of a tragic character who is brought down by his own desires. There are good scientists and mad ones, Michael Morbius... Continue Reading →

   This site, my 2.0 blog, is the culmination of lessons learned from my decades on the internet and my lifetime of being a nerd. The first shows I remember watching (as a toddler) were Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (a.k.a. "Bucket Head Ultraman" to me), and Speed Racer. It had to be... Continue Reading →

   So my phone died, when I picked up a new one I also opted for a new local number. Why does any of that matter? It doesn't. I've had my wordpress site for roughly five years now, and I took a 6 month break from it. When I went to recover it, I had... Continue Reading →

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