Character Reference Sheet Manipulations

Way back when the internet was new this was my hobby. Using MS Paint, I used to take Bruce Timm’s character sheets from Batman:TAS and Superman:TAS and create different characters. I found a website that focused on this run by a fellow called Kryptcom. That site went down but the users on the forum formed a new site, I kicked around there for a few years then just stopped. There were guys way better than I was doing stuff the way I wanted to see it done. The imagery went from Bruce Timm’s designs to Steve Gordon’s (like you see above) from X-Men Evolution. My hobby became an obsession and I would try a bit too hard to crank out stuff. That among other things killed my desire to create any more. These days I use, what is now Corel’s, Paint Shop Pro (7.04 & X6) along with Adobe Photoshop (CS6) for my tweaks, renderings and finishes. Before computers I used to draw, all of the time. Math used to be my best Art class. Computer graphics was the next step. Now my graphics tend to go towards web design and support graphics for social media. Perhaps one day I’ll get back into what I used to enjoy doing so much but until then I would like to share with you the progression of how I would design my characters using a character sheet as my base.


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