Model Sheet Manipulations

This is what brought me into the world of #digital creating. It taught me how to use what I had on hand, at first MS Paint, then graduate to more complex #design programs like Photoshop. The objective is simple, to take a character model sheet or style guide, and turn the subject into another character. These are not in order. Some are from the late 90’s, you can probably tell which are the earliest.

My model sheet manipulations are just an extension of one of my favorite pastimes as an 11 year old me… the Mighty Man and Monster Maker

I began sharing on a BBS ran by a bloke named Kyrptcom, then settled at another called Super Buddies. Those were good times. The techniques that I used to created these, now help me digitally ink my own stuff. For a progression on how these were done, check my other album, “How I Art(ish)“.

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