The Gray Man

Locked away on a swelteringly hot day with nothing more to do than watch movies. I chose two, both by Netflix. The first was a great movie with Stephen and Robbie Amell, called Code 8. A great film about superpowered humans and how they built the current word they live in and then how they [...]

Where is Netflix’s All-New ‘Ultraman’ Animated Feature?

A little over a year ago we learned that Netflix was partnering with Tsuburaya Productions to develop “Ultraman” as a CG-animated feature film aimed at bringing a new, wider audience to the original silver-suited character. The recent two seasons of the CG anime were pretty good. The second season was a bit too short for [...]

Old Guard Two

Uma Thurman and Henry Golding have joined Charlize Theron in The Old Guard 2, Netflix’s sequel to its 2020 film. This is a streamer than I am looking forward to. The first one was a nice re-imagining of immortals being protectors with some interesting consequences for their longevity. As of this point, I have no idea of what to expect [...]

My Top Seven Streaming Shows of 2020

Amongst the embers of the continuous dumpster fire that was the year 2020 there were some bright spots that took my household's focus off of the misery, isolation and loss we faced throughout the year. Not to mention the social upheaval that brought attention to deep underlying issues that still need to be fully addressed [...]

Olympic Withdrawal

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. An Olympic geek, if you will. First, the ideology that nations come together and compete in a peaceful manor, inspires me. Second, the level of training and dedication that the athletes undergo amazes me. Next I enjoy learning about other cultures. Lastly the moments of sportsmanship that [...]