Gamera vs. MST3K: How a Kaiju Franchise Became a Comedy Shell Game 

David has a wonderful interview with MST3K creator Joel Hodgson. It makes me even more thankful for MST3K!


By David Weiner

Gamera and MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 have a special connection, with the fiery kaiju hero unwittingly becoming a comedy muse of sorts for the cult-hit program during its formative episodes in the late’80s.

We all love Gamera, but you have to admit that the concept of a giant atomic-age turtle who flies like a spinning Thai firework is more than a bit silly. Yet, whenI was a kid, I took the Gamera movies very, very seriously (I also took Adam West’s Batman very seriously, for that matter). Although Godzilla was King of the Monsters as far as I was concerned (the term kaiju wasn’t bandied about so nonchalantly back in ‘70s pop culture), Gamera was right up there for pure Tokyo-crushing, giant rubber monster smackdown entertainment. 

But as I grew older, the Gamera movies stayed back there with my childhood and remained a fond, hazy memory…

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