Digital Illustration: Big Bang’s Dr. Weird

In the year 2031, young scientist Dr Rex Ward stepped into his experimental time machine, and vanished. He exited the machine into the library of a remote country house, in the year 1941. Unfortunately, the house was being burgled, and he was immediately shot dead.

Fleeing the scene, the burglars torched the house to destroy the evidence of murder. Unfortunately for them, the spirit of Dr Ward rose from his body, still clad in his futuristic clothing, but now sporting a strange emblem. His handsome face now replaced by a ghastly, ghostly visage, he sent his killers to a fiery doom, by sending their getaway car over a cliff.

On ascending to Heaven, the spirit of Dr Ward was denied entry, because “You have died before you were born, a thing that cannot be”. This paradox was resolved by sending the spirit back to earth, with magical powers, including the ability to become solid and visible. Calling himself Dr Weird, the spirit was charged with protecting the world from supernatural menaces. He must do so until the moment of his departure from the future (he had hoped that the moment of his birth would do). A reluctant but dedicated hero, the doc is always looking for a way to go to his eternal rest ahead of schedule.

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