Digital Show-and-Tell

Camera Set (70s)
Chatter Phone (61)
Astronaut (79)
Coloring Book

Did you know that I share my drawings and the occasional collectibles on Instagram? Most of the time I share my latest art there before I post in on my website, while some things never get posted anywhere else. All IG posts there are by me. Whether it’s a meme, or a photo taken, a new shirt design, or even a rough sketch, everything there was crafted by me. The site is really a nice and benign way of sharing. I don’t have many eyes on my digital “show and tell”, but I enjoy it none-the-less. This whole site is predicated on sharing, finding a community of like-minded people and finding the joy in our shared narrative. If you have an IG, and are so inclined, join me there. As far as I have found, there are very few negative people there and you needn’t engage with them if they do pop up.

Doc’s Kriby Inspired Designs on TeePublic

3 thoughts on “Digital Show-and-Tell

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah. Who knew that just throwing ideas at a wall, without testing them first, could possibly backfire? I am really just using Twitter to aggregate stories on this site’s homepage. Once it’s gone, or that option gets yanked, I’ll figure something else out.

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      1. Agree. Twitter worked really well for my site in the first 5 years when I joined (everything seemed simpler and more user friendly then?) but lately it doesn’ seem to serve much of a purpose for creators and archivists of pop culture, or the algos simply ignore them. I’m still there but watching and waiting.

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