Digital Show-and-Tell

Did you know that I share my drawings and the occasional collectibles on Instagram? Most of the time I share my latest art there before I post in on my website, while some things never get posted anywhere else. All IG posts there are by me. Whether it’s a meme, or a photo taken, a new shirt design, or even a rough sketch, everything there was crafted by me. The site is really a nice and benign way of sharing. I don’t have many eyes on my digital “show and tell”, but I enjoy it none-the-less. This whole site is predicated on sharing, finding a community of like-minded people and finding the joy in our shared narrative. If you have an IG, and are so inclined, join me there. As far as I have found, there are very few negative people there and you needn’t engage with them if they do pop up.


    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah. Who knew that just throwing ideas at a wall, without testing them first, could possibly backfire? I am really just using Twitter to aggregate stories on this site’s homepage. Once it’s gone, or that option gets yanked, I’ll figure something else out.

      1. Agree. Twitter worked really well for my site in the first 5 years when I joined (everything seemed simpler and more user friendly then?) but lately it doesn’ seem to serve much of a purpose for creators and archivists of pop culture, or the algos simply ignore them. I’m still there but watching and waiting.

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