Streaming Fantasy

My musing on the subject of Fantasy, sword and sorcery style, isn’t something that I do too often anymore. I used to be far more into that genre in the late 90s and early 2000s. After that, I would reserve Autumn as my Tolkien time and that’s when I would read, and now listen to, the books and watch the movies and specials.

Recently, I’ve missed my online adventures in the worlds of Ultima Online, and Dark Ages of Camelot. The call of the bow, magic and sword were drawing me back into action. I forgot my account info for the free UO shard I was playing on, but that was for the best… I usually end up doing the same thing over and over again. DAoC was a bust, since I cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription. That left me with the only option to find something new. I ended up in Neverwinter Nights. It was fun for a while, but once again, I would end up retracing my steps.

So, I am just going to stick to non-playable media, and that brings me to the three programs that started me out on this post.

This wasn’t a show that I was looking forward to. It also wasn’t something that I was dreading, either. I was ambivalent about it. Now that it is airing, weekly, we are enjoying the program and the new Tolkien content. If these were available to binge, we would probably watch one every few days. Waiting for a new episode every week gives us something to look forward to, though.

The Wheel of Time was a great surprise. Neither Mrs. Multiverse, nor I had read the books and so this one flew under our radar. On a whim, I started the show, and after the attack of the monsters, I was hooked. Hopefully the next season comes soon and answers a few more questions that the first season brought up.

Finally, The Witcher. I don’t know anything about the video game, so like The Wheel of Time, it was completely fresh and new. There are two seasons, and the show keeps getting better and better. We just began our second viewing, and it helps to know where you are going so that you notice more of where you have been.

I know that there are a few other shows that are fantasy based, but I just am not sure that I want to attempt to jump into them. We will be watching Willow’s continuation on D+, but that is a few weeks down the road.


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