The Original Plot For The Unfinished JLA/AVENGERS Crossover

There are things lost or never undertaken that mankind is the lesser for… the original JLA / Avengers crossover is one of those things. I can still recall hearing about this when I was a kid and it lit my entire being on fire. Yeah, I didn’t get out much. I still don’t get out much and it still gives me chills. I am stoked that we got a crossover story in the aughts.

The Tom Brevoort Experience

It’s one of the great unfinished symphonies in the history of comics. After having successfully teamed up Superman and Spider-Man twice, Batman and the Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men and the New Teen Titans, in 1983 Marvel and DC were prepared to release JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VS THE AVENGERS, uniting their two flagship teams in a single crossover book. Of the greatest excitement was the fact that this book was being illustrated by George Perez, who was not only just about the most popular artist in the business but who also had a history of working on both groups. In the end, the project was troubled and it never came to fruition–I don’t have enough time here to give chapter-and-verse on it, something that I may cover at some later date. But the key mistake made was that DC, who were producing the book, gave a green light to…

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