Jupiter’s Legacy… a First for Me

Jupiter's Legacy
Jupiter’s Legacy

I went into the first episode of this series with no knowledge of the story, or the characters. Sure, I saw the books on the racks back in the day but nothing had ever jumped out at me. For the past year I have been getting into things that I had never been interested in. It probably began more in 2019 when I discovered that I enjoyed Watchmen, and the Umbrella Academy. I haven’t gotten into “The Boys” yet and I didn’t enjoy the first episode of Invincible, but Jupiter’s Legacy had my attention for the opening until the end credits.

Jupiter's Legacy

I am watching it one episode at a time, as I do, and it’s a real treat. At the point of this post, I am in the middle of episode two. Am I happy that I didn’t “do my homework” on this property? Heck yeah. Ignorance is entertainment bliss. Will I dive into the books? Perhaps. I’ll have to wait and see. Until then… Jupiter’s Legacy is probably my number one watch on Netflix.

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