Seasonal Viewing Habits

I have very specific seasonal viewing habits. In the Spring my entertainment skews heavily toward Star Wars while in the late nineties it began to delve mostly into sword and sorcery fantasy in Autumn. That morphed into being primarily Tolkien based media after Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy became readily available. It is still Autumn, and in the cold and increasingly miserable days marching into Winter, I find hope and comfort in a warm drink and watching the Fellowship overcome enemies and the elements.

While I enjoyed reading the Tolkien books, I enjoy them even more as audio books as narrated by Rob Inglis. There are parts of the Peter Jackson films that I miss, such as the Barrow Whites and the invasion of the Shire, but all in all the extend version of the films are well done and very entertaining. I actually favor the flow of the story and the additions of the filmmakers more than I do the original texts.

My very first introduction to the works of Tolkien was a puppet show in a local park when I was eight years old. It captured my attention. A little later that year I was treated to a CBS Special presentation of the Rankin:Bass production of the Hobbit. It’s my go-to show when I am feeling like I need to escape the everyday “goblins” that we all face. The book is one of my all-time favorite reads and I prefer it over the Peter Jack version. While I thought the films were entertaining, they were really too heavy for my liking. I’ve only watched that trilogy all the way through twice.

A sketch of my Elven Ranger from Dark Age of Camelot. Ihn’tl Zha, Ranger of Hibernia.

While this post has been more of a testament to my love of Tolkien media in its many forms, my question to you is… Are there any genres, or franchises, that you really prefer to focus on at a certain time of year, or seasonally? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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