The Mandalorian Season Two

So this last week we re-watched the Mandalorian on Disney Plus, which was our fourth run through of the first season. This evening we enjoyed the first episode of the second season, chapter nine, and it was incredible! Tatooine, Mandalorian armor, Tusken Raiders, Bantha, Krayt Dragons, Old faces, and so much more. This episode came out swinging, and had little in way of slow moments. I cannot go into any detail since anything I could write about would be a potential spoiler. Just know this… WOW!

I cannot wait until the next episode… although we may be without internet for a week or two. We signed up for the Disney service for the year, but we won’t be re-subscribing for that length. There hasn’t been much on the service that I don’t already have, and the lack of the content that was promised due to the pandemic has led to us not utilizing the service as much as I thought we would. I plan on a monthly basis, especially now since I don’t have full time employment any longer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the way.

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