Moving Yet Again :/

So once again we are relocating our HQ. Apart from a tale of greed, that I won’t recount here, we were informed late last week that we needed to vacate our domicile of the last seven years. It’s a bit of a shock since the house is owned by family… yeah.

We’ve all had a shit year, and I was handling it pretty well until certain things set off age old anxiety and depression issues in the final days of May. I addressed those issues medically in late July after much inner turmoil and a few family losses. Things got better but this hit pretty hard, and if it wasn’t for Mrs. Multiverse I would still be spinning my wheels. She is my hero!

With the pandemic, this is already a case of poor timing for a move. We are in Southern Oregon and not only have I been laid off since March, we are all recovering from the fires with many displaced families looking for new places to go.

So far we are planning on reducing our belongings by about 85 to 90 percent of what we have. This means that we’ll be having a yard sale to liquidate items, and I will be closing my Etsy store for about a month. We’ve found a fifth-wheel, with the INVALUABLE help of Mrs. Multiverse’s Grandmother, to live in and we need a place to park it along with a storage unit for our crafting supplies and online sale items.

A plan of action: This part is very exciting, I am going to apply for an actual business license to take advantage of every part of being a business that I can. Software, hardware, shipping materials, the storage unit, mileage, and whatever else that can be counted as a legitimate business expense will be done so.

Another thing is that I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of the collectibles that we’ve accumulated over the years. Parting with the lion’s share of them is still a bit difficult but it feels like it could be cathartic.

So here we are. If it seems as if I am not around much this is the reason. I hope to get everything back up and to the new normal by mid-November. I’ll be missing out on a big chunk of seasonal sales but… I’ll just stop there because this will turn into a rant that won’t help the situation get any better.

Mrs. Multiverse and I both have excitement and trepidation about our new lifestyle change but things are moving forward. As long as we are together with our two little pups, everything is all good.

Be seeing you.
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