70’s Sci-Fi Television: Do You Remember Salvage 1?

I watched this wonderful video on YouTube about Salvage 1, an Andy Griffith television program from the late 1970’s. This was a television program that I watched as a child. Since the age of the internet I’ve revisited it, speaking about the pilot movie here, from time to time as well. Is it a great show? No. It’s slow and, like many programs from that era, not very exciting. This, of course, is viewing programs through a modern lens. As a child, I recall really enjoyed this program. Not that I was keen on Salvaging, but the thought that a regular guy could build a ship and go into space really sparked my imagination.

Now I am not telling you that this is a must watch show, but if you are running low on content during these “Stay At Home” days then here is a curated playlist that I’ve put together beginning with the pilot movie.


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