Early Character Designs for Bryan Singer’s X-MEN

XMEN / Early character and costume concepts by Tim Flattery

It’s the 20th anniversary year of the first X-Men film so let’s look back at what might have been. These designs were created by Tim Flattery. My first impression was that these were pretty over designed but Cyclops and Jean’s (?) uniforms have a bit of an original 1963 call back vibe to them.. The one that works the most, for me, is Magneto. Ororo’s outfit just doesn’t work for me. The Singer movies would have had a definite tonal change if he went in this direction. We would have not had the leather-clad torrent of heroes, for good or ill.

Check out more of Tim’s work at timflattery.com

What do you thing about these designs? It’s been 20 years, have these concepts aged well?

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