Catching up with the Coming Crisis

Season Eight Comes Correct

   When Arrow first aired, I was there. For every episode, I was there. After the fourth or fifth season we had an on-again-off-again relationship. The plots were hampered by more drama than was necessary, but I guess that is the nature of storytelling now. Instead of ranting about it I chose to just become a casual fan, and try to keep up with the overall plot.

The “Infinite Earths” part excites me the most!

   This brings us to NOW. Now, we are embracing the same sort of insane storytelling that compels me to adore Legends of Tomorrow. After watching Arrow 801 on the CW app, I am hooked. Heck, the hook was set within the first sixty seconds of the season eight premiere episode of Arrow. The season doesn’t have much time for the tween drama since there is only half a season to look forward to. Comparing it to the season opener of the Flash and you can tell that the pacing is different. Although the perfect placement of a classic piece of music made my whole week on Flash 601.

I am pretty hyped to see the Monitor’s opposite 🙂

   I could be biased, and let’s face it… I am, all things Multiverse usually get a green light in my book.

I welcome the coming Crisis.

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