Alita: Battle Angel


   I don’t usually get out to new movies. I don’t really get out much at all unless I am browsing antique malls, second hand stores, and yard sales. Yesterday, like my Aquaman outing last month, was an exception.


    Alita: Battle Angel was a really great interpretation of the anime, and I am assuming the manga. I had a few issues of the manga, but I didn’t get into the series all that deeply. Today I tossed on the original anime and found that the new film was a much richer tapestry that had multiple layers of character development. The anime, from 1993, is a Cyberpunk fever dream that I only watched once. Having just finished my second viewing I will probably never watch it again, but it piqued my curiosity for the manga. When the film is released for home viewing I plan on watching it a few more times, and am excited to share it with Mrs. Multiverse.


   Do you need to know anything about Alita before you see this movie? No, not at all. There are some beats that you might enjoy a little more but it is far from necessary. I highly recomend Alita… if you are into that sort of thing 😸🤙

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