Blind Fury (1989)


   Blind Fury (1989) was a tip of a hat to the classic Zatoichi films of the 60’s through the 80’s. It brought the story of a blind swordsman in a more relatable way to western audiences. I adore the Zatoichi series, and was still very entertained by this movie. While it has been decades since I’ve watched this one, it really holds up well. OK, you have to make allowances for the 80’s-ness of it all, but that adds to the charm. I lived in Reno at the time this film was being made so I am a little closer to it in that respect as well. If you like Rutger Hauer, sword play, and bad guys who are just bad for nothing other than cash… this movie is for you.


   Oh, did I mention the guest appearance by Sho Kosugi?


   Yep, the 80’s.

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