John Byrne on Reinventing Superman

   I love this man’s art. Ever since I discovered the X-Men, thanks to Tony, I have been enamored by John’s style. He has so much flavor in his designs. His style is the first name that I came to recognise behind the curtain, as it were. Well him and Stan Lee. When John went to the Fantastic Four, I was ALL IN. His art was complemented by his writing. Later he moved to Wonder Woman as a worth successor to George Pérez.


   When “Man of Steel” came out, I didn’t even notice that he tweaked Kal-El’s origin. I was blown away by the aesthetic and scope of the story. Please enjoy, John regaling us with tales of his own take on Clark, and Lois.

Click through here to get to the original “Man of Steel” Mini-Series on Comixology:

Bonus Pin-Up: My favorite Book of Art!


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