Disney’s The Black Hole


   Tonight we are enjoying The Black Hole. Disney’s quest for creating their own Star Wars. Lucas’ formula was, and still is, a hard nut to crack. They did their best, but the fell short. Not that it is a bad film, no. It’s a favorite of mine. I love films like this. They tend to have a flavor all to themselves.


   The movie is akin to Dante’s fever-dream, in it’s ending descent into hell. Or whatever that was. So the ending isn’t my favorite, but the rest of the movie is still pretty pretty fun.


   I remember going to see this. Well that’s not quite true. I went to see Star Trek the Motion Picture. As a nine year old, I became bored pretty quickly, so I jumped to a different screen and watched Black Hole. As an adult, Star Trek: TMP is by far my favorite of the two films. I don’t regret jumping ship, as it were. The Black Hole was a bit more fun and had a ton of robots. What more could a kid ask for? Especially post Star Wars.




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  1. Even though The Black Hole was released while people were upset about it being Disney’s first PG film, I thought the film was stunning. I like the soundbite used in the open to the video. In later years, I thought it was poetic that Dr. Reinhardt says, “Protect me from Maximillian.” Since the actor’s name was Maximillian Schell… it was almost as if he was asking to protect him from himself.

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