Disney’s The Black Hole


   Tonight we are enjoying The Black Hole. Disney’s quest for creating their own Star Wars. Lucas’ formula was, and still is, a hard nut to crack. They did their best, but the fell short. Not that it is a bad film, no. It’s a favorite of mine. I love films like this. They tend to have a flavor all to themselves.


   The movie is akin to Dante’s fever-dream, in it’s ending descent into hell. Or whatever that was. So the ending isn’t my favorite, but the rest of the movie is still pretty pretty fun.


   I remember going to see this. Well that’s not quite true. I went to see Star Trek the Motion Picture. As a nine year old, I became bored pretty quickly, so I jumped to a different screen and watched Black Hole. As an adult, Star Trek: TMP is by far my favorite of the two films. I don’t regret jumping ship, as it were. The Black Hole was a bit more fun and had a ton of robots. What more could a kid ask for? Especially post Star Wars.