Future Quest Shows Us the Future of Great Comics

Future Quest (2016-) 001-002
Future Quest #1 by Jeff Parker, Doc Shaner, and Steve Rude.

  Like many, today, I was treated to an excellent tale. Future Quest has been a book that I’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced. Today was the payoff. Not since I stopped collecting physical comic books in 2006 have I wanted to go to my local shop and pick this book up. I purchased my copy from Comixology, this evening, and finally got around to reading it. It grabbed my attention and never let go. When I was finished, I was begging for more! This book was so good that I plan on picking up a physical copy this week.

Old friends join forces, in new adventures!

The sheer brilliance of taking an established property, or properties in this case, and instantly creating an entire shared universe is inspired. This might be a case of nostalgia, having been born in 1970 and grown up with these shows in syndication, but it gets more credit than just my inner child’s cartoon obsecion. 

Future Quest is just as much fun to read as JLA/Avengers!

   I’ve been nothing but disappointed with comics from DC and Marvel over the past, well… let’s just say it’s been a really long time since I’ve wanted to go out and pick up a copy of anything newer than something from the mid 1980s. Honestly my last favorite book was the JLA/Avengers mini series by George Perez (I would love a volume two!). This title gives me hope for a new generation of titles. I can’t wait until the next issue, and perhaps an animated treatment in the near future 😉


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