Beware the Batman! Indeed.


   Don’t mind me, I just going to sit here and eat my own words. I had a few derogatory things to say about “Beware the Batman” over the last, well ever since I saw the pic of Alfred brandishing guns. I was also a little bat-hurt that my Silver Age FanfestBatman the Brave & the Bold, was canceled and that added to my suspicion of the coming change that would be Beware the Batman. Don’t get me started on Young JusticeGreen Lantern or even Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since I still am disappointed over they’re being yanked, unceremoniously.

Where was I? Still eating my words, of course.

   Beware the Batman is, simply put, an awesome new take on the Dark Knight in his earlier days as a crime fighter. It began strong and ended stronger. The new character designs, which in small stills seem odd and out of place, flow well with the fast action pace.

   Alfred is a retired operative from British Military Intelligence and is a wonderful, fresh take on the character. While Bruce is just getting to know the Batman. He is a little brash and cocky but he seems to be learning a lesson, bruised bodies and egos are great teachers. We’ve only had a glimpse of Katana. Why are they using Katana? No clue but time will tell and if this first episode is any indicator… it will be a heck of a tale. With a new Rogues Gallery, who can we expect to drop in unannounced and will we get to see any of the old heavy hitter villains?

   Bottom Bat-Line, I dig the new take. It has everything that makes Batman, Batman, yet it is so different that it adds to the mythos of the Bat. I’ll be making an effort to catch this show each week, same Beware the Bat-time, Same Beware the Bat-channel. Having said all of that, most things that my wife and I enjoy, incredibly get canceled. So…

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