Spider-Man 1984

THIS was the time to be a Spider-Man fan, at least in comics. By the time I was fourteen in 1984, I had been getting a Spider-Man subscription in the mail since 1978, all thanks to my Mum. Not a lot had been going on with Ol' Web Head during this period in the comics. [...]

Nerdy Decoupage Project

Misty, and I, had some old comics that were more fit for recycling than collecting. We then recently discovered Jennifer Landa’s, of the Force Center Podcast, decoupage video on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqe2-hndN8I, and it inspired us. I found some old comic book advertisements in some 1978 comics, placed them on a an 8×10 mini mounted canvas and [...]

A Look Back at Marvel’s Avengers Alliance

Greetings, True Believers! Today we take a look back at Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. September 30th marks the sixth anniversary of the final day of this wonderfully simple game. I still miss it. Marvel: Avengers Alliance was a turn-based social network game developed by Playdom in 2012. It is based on characters and storylines published by Marvel Comics and [...]