The $1 Million Lawsuit That Changed the Marvel Universe

There have been plenty of video essays on the Superman / Captain Marvel legal battle, and quite a few about the different eras of Marvelman. The legalities of Marvelman / Miricleman is a fascinating story. I still have yet to read one story with the character, with either name, but the early stuff interests me to a degree. Nothing against Moore, but I’d like to see where the similarities between MM and Captain Marvel lie.

Marvel Heroes and the Ultra-Brothers Team-Up

Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Comics have announced a major comic book crossover miniseries featuring heroes from the Marvel Universe entering the Ultraman Universe. The announcement was made by series co-writer Mat Groom before a cheering crowd in the Main Event Hall during Anime Expo 2022 at theΒ Ultraman Arrives: Super Anime ExtravaganzaΒ at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Ultraman and Marvel Universe comic book crossover is set to premiere sometime in 2023.

On The Scene – Presents – Super Heroes #1 Oct 1966 Warren Magazine

On The Scene – Presents – Super Heroes #1
Oct 1966 Warren Magazine

On The Scene – Presents – Super Heroes #1 Oct 1966 Warren Magazine originally scanned by Mophead Scan. If you want the latest scoop on Batman the movie, this is a magazine for you. The color cover pops, and I would have picked this magazine up, or at the very least… pestered my parents to purchase it for me. Anyhow, I preset to you a magazine that was printed approximately four years before I was born. Enjoy!

Marvel / DC Mashup: Captain Kal-Ell

Marvel / DC Mashup: Captain Kal-Ell

Baby Kal-El’s rocket ends up on the Kree home-world. He is brought up by the Supreme Intelligence to be the champion of the empire. This is an older idea I had from back when I was a frequent contributor to the “Super-Buddies” message board.

DC Showcase Presents

Some of the best comic book-related entertainment has to be DC’s Showcase. One-off episodes of some sometimes obscure characters and groups. While not really tied to any singular continuity, all are very entertaining. I would love to see Challengers of the Unknown given the DCS treatment. The format would make a great anthology series for television or a streaming service. Perhaps they could roll out one or two of their mystic characters to host each episode.

Kamandi almost knocked my favorite down a peg but it has to still be the Sgt. Rock short where Rock loses Easy Company and is assigned replacements for a new mission. The new team was a wonderful homage to the Creature Commandos. The CC first appeared in Weird War Tales number ninety-three. The chances are slim of seeing the full line-up but you never know.