Gallery: From M-78


Tsuburaya’s Ultraman

Being the first superhero that I can remember being introduced to, Ultraman has been a part of my life for well over fifty years. His debut was in 1966, a scant three years before I was born. Through the magic if syndication, I was introduced to the hero. Another show I was a fan of was Johnny Sakko and his Flying Robot. I don’t recall watching many of these, but I do recall what I called it… “Bucket-Head Ultraman”.

While there was only one more time in my life where Ultraman aired on a local channel for me, it was enough to rekindle my interest. Previously I had been on a huge Kaiju kick when I was in the fourth and fifth grades, Ultraman wasn’t going to air again until I was in the sixth. Eventually I had a set of Ultraman posters came into my possession. With that set came an education about the Ultraman universe. I learned that there were other Ultramen. Although I could not read the posters, the visuals were enough to keep me mesmerized.

It wasn’t until I joined the world wide web that I learned the most about my beloved Ultraman. My first web page was dedicated to Ultraman. I needed a subject to teach myself HTML and the savior from the Land of Light seemed to be the best.

Oddly enough, a Japanese book company who were publishing a large book about Ultraman’s production history, reached out to me and sent a press packet to help get the word out about it. It was pretty cool! I enjoyed the task, but I do wish that they had actually sent me the actual book.

Recently I made a social media post about my “Ultraman Addiction” and thought I should create a page dedicated to my art of Ultraman. At this point I feel like I could change my legal name from “Darran Hight” to “Darran Hayata”.


A few Alt Versions of Ultraman

I enjoy twisting existing characters into characters from another franchise. These are a few versions of Ultra characters. The last two are based off of the Spartans from “300”. It’s always fun to mash-up or take the essence of a character archetype and import it into another mythos.