Byrne Project

Uncanny X-men by John Byrne
A bonus JB piece that I digitally inked & colored

 About fifteen years ago, roughly, I wanted to do some model sheet X-Men in John Byrne’s style. Using my Model Sheet Manipulation method, and my handy dandy set of “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe” I set about doing just that. I used characters that he did, and made them into X-Men designs. The only rule was that I couldn’t use an existing X-Man to make that X-Man. It was fun, but I only did a handful. As of right now, I don’t have any plans to revisit this project for new designs, so this will have to stand on its own.

I wish I kept records on which characters I did for each X-Man. I noted what I can recall, and perhaps I’ll look through my Handbooks again to figure it out.

Check out actual John Byrne masterpieces on his official website: Byrne Robotics: The Official John Byrne Website