Anime: Tatsunoko Productions Op/Ed 1965-1983

Tatsunoko is probably one of the most important names in Anime. I shudder to think of an Otaku's world without them. While we may have still ended up with Super Sentai without Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman, but we would all have been the lesser for their absence. Speed Racer, my first favorite cartoon as a [...]

Star Wars Talk: ForceCenter Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts, since its inception a few years ago, is ForceCenter. It was borne of three fans getting together, meeting on a YouTube channel and launching something unique in audio form. Check out their YouTube channel here... ForceCenter. The trio consists of Ken Napzok, Jennifer Landa, and Joseph Scrimshaw. They have a [...]

Vrahno’s Kaiju Fanimation on YouTube

I discovered Vranho's parody shorts on YouTube in 2020 and look forward to each release. It's a mix of sophomoric laughs and hyper-intelligent humor. It's all subtitled and you'll see why. Anyhow, I had to share the funny.

Casually Comics for Comic Book Conversations

As of the time of this blog post Sasha is just about my favorite Comic Book Reviewer on YouTube. Her wit and insights are fun and informative and I am here for it all. Being an old man in the comics realm, who is pretty knowledgeable about pre Y2K comics, I find that I have [...]

ウルトラマン / Ultraman Season 02 Returns to Netflix

Ultraman Season 2 Returns to Netflix on April 14th, 2022. I dig this take on the Ultra lore, design and the animation style. The style took me a few episodes to warm up to but it's a treat to watch. The direction the series has taken is fresh and stands apart from the fifty plus [...]