Peter Howell gives the Doctor Who Theme an 80s Remix

Great sci-fi usually is accompanied by an iconic opening theme. If your program is decades old, you often find a need to refresh that theme from time to time. That's exactly what Peter Howell did to the classic Doctor Who theme. He brought in an electronic 80's (late 70s) aesthetic to an already ethereal sound. [...]

G.I. Joe: The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

 I had this record and book set, plus a few secondhand pieces to this G.I. Joe Adventure Team set. Good times. I dig how the uploader added some limited animation in a very Marvel Superheroes way. Before home video, ruling out projectors that most of us didn’t have, this was the only game in town. [...]

Mœbius | The Infinite Universe of a Genius

A wonderful video that chronicles the journey of Jean Henri Gaston Giraud as an artist. Mœbius' greatness will never fade away. It only gets brighter with every passing year.

Premier Podcast: The Proper Obsession of Pod Stallions

My friends, bear with me as I wax poetic about a podcast that saw me through many an hour of being locked in a day cage, re: cubicle. Pod Stallions. I've listed to episodes over and over. It's as if Brian, of Plaid Stallions, and Jason, of Bif Bang Pow toys, became my friends in [...]

Star Trek Voyager: The Animated Series

As a first run viewer of the original Star Trek: The Animated Series, this feels authentic. From the music cues to the random alien crew members, this precious animated project is perfect. I mean, there are imperfections in the production that are there but not something that is shouted out... they just exist, exactly like [...]