So I recently found myself repeatedly "doomscrolling" over the past few months. Even when it wasn't particularly just negative posts, tweets, etc., I would just keep scrolling down for the next high or low. After checking my engagement analytics numbers I found that anything I am doing on Twitter or Facebook isn't doing anything for [...]

WordPress Website / Blog Issues

This afternoon I downgraded my business plan on WordPress as it wasn't quite performing as hoped, and I couldn't afford the full renewal fee. While I wasn't supposed to loose any content that isn't the way it went down. If you come across broken links and images, you can either report them to me or [...]

Site Business: Pet Peeves

I try not to take things too seriously but one thing really bothers me, it's what I termed "Follow Baiting". Follow Baiting is where a person follows you then waits a bit of time for you to follow back, once that follow has been secured the person then unfollows you. Being used as simple number [...]