Thunder Woman

Thunder Woman The year is 1941 on Earth ABC, on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, Dianna of Paradise Island failed her trial of bullets and bracelets. She is healed by the Amazonian Purple Healing Ray, and quickly recovers. In 1942 the Axis forces kill Steve Trevor and capture the Amazon who became Wonder [...]

The Hostess with the Mostess Ads

The Hostess with the Mostest Ads The Hostess with the Mostess Ads... Today we are going to take a look at vintage Hostess advertisements in comic books. There is something about these old advertisements, they were quaint and entertaining. That is the thing about them, the entertainment factor. That sticks with you longer than the [...]

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde (1974)

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde? I remember watching this TV movie in the late 70’s but that was the one and only time until the time of this original blog post which is being updated from 2015. The movie was playing one Saturday afternoon on TV at my Granny's house in what must have [...]

Spot On Animation: Justice League Action

Justice League Action One evening, back in 2017, I was looking for something new to try on Google Play, I found Justice League Action. I was interested when I saw some of the previews before it came out some time before but not having cable I forgot about it. The price tag was a bit [...]

Epic Byrne: The Comic Art of John Byrne

Epic Byrne is my excuse to share art from my favorite artist of all time. You'll note that I did not say "comic artist". He is probably the reason I sampled other comics from the Fantastic Four, to Lab Rats. He is more that just an artist but also a wonderful writer. He's a fan [...]