Fab Vintage Red Sonja Cosplay

These women have yet to be topped at playing Red Sonja. Sure, I've seen some stellar modern versions of the character but these are back when very few would embrace dressing up as a character and entirely own it.

Casually Comics for Comic Book Conversations

As of the time of this blog post Sasha is just about my favorite Comic Book Reviewer on YouTube. Her wit and insights are fun and informative and I am here for it all. Being an old man in the comics realm, who is pretty knowledgeable about pre Y2K comics, I find that I have [...]

Planet Comics: Design Elements

Planet Comics Available on TeePublic I fell in love with two covers from Planet Comics and I really wanted to combine them in a design. The colorful echo drop shadows were an after thought that made the design pop for me. My vision is taking the subjects and placing them in a more heroic role [...]

Golden Age Gals: Miss Fury and Black Cat

Golden Age Gals: Miss Fury and Black Cat Golden Age Gals: Miss Fury and Black Cat. The beginning of each new year for me is all about what new, or very old, properties that have fallen into the public domain. These ladies have been in the PD for a very long time, and they were [...]

Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age

Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age. It was a sad day for comics, on July sixth, 2017. That was the day that Stan Lee’s bride of 70 years, Joan Lee, passed away at the age of 93. “93?”, you may ask… “wasn’t that a full [...]