The Night Watcher

Night Watcher: Saraswati Khatri a former Indian constable thought to have been assassinated years ago. She now patrols her old beat as "The Night Watcher".

Black Owl: Seeing the World Through Her Eyes

Black Owl Once again this is my version of the Public Domain superhero Black Owl. I wanted to play with vibrant colors and thought about how her vision would interpret the world around her. It feels a bit over saturated, but I really wished to lean into the effect. Most comfortable in low light, or [...]

Favorite Designs of December 2021: Web Woman

Web Woman Not only was Filmation's Web Woman one of the first in animated female superheroes, she was a weekly favorite of mine. Her adventures were pretty basic that stuck to the Filmation script of story telling, yet there was something about her that I enjoyed. Perhaps it's my penchant for strong women who don't [...]

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde (1974)

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde? I remember watching this TV movie in the late 70’s but that was the one and only time until the time of this original blog post which is being updated from 2015. The movie was playing one Saturday afternoon on TV at my Granny's house in what must have [...]

Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age

Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age Joan Lee: The Mother of the Marvel Age. It was a sad day for comics, on July sixth, 2017. That was the day that Stan Lee’s bride of 70 years, Joan Lee, passed away at the age of 93. “93?”, you may ask… “wasn’t that a full [...]