Battlestar Galactica: Warriors Never Retire

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Fab Vintage Red Sonja Cosplay

These women have yet to be topped at playing Red Sonja. Sure, I've seen some stellar modern versions of the character but these are back when very few would embrace dressing up as a character and entirely own it.

The Battlestar Galactica 1978 Annual

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Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

Once upon a time comic books featured full page advertisements for TSR's Dungeons and Dragons tabletop roleplaying game. I never bothered to read these sequentially but nonetheless I marveled at the creativity of using a narrative as a marketing tool. It made sense to have a story driven pastime to be presented this way. It [...]

Elven Blade Master

Elven Blade Master Since late October I've been getting back into D&D style characters, even though I've never logged a moment of table top game play. From playing video games, watching fantasy films and streaming shows, along with reading, the realm of swords and magic is always a fun escape from the daily drudge. This [...]