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As of the time of this blog post Sasha is just about my favorite Comic Book Reviewer on YouTube. Her wit and insights are fun and informative and I am here for it all. Being an old man in the comics realm, who is pretty knowledgeable about pre Y2K comics, I find that I have new ways to look at old comics along with a different viewpoint that I can appreciate. Her videos have help to deepen my comics palate. While your mileage may vary with her style, I can watch her videos all day. If you are looking for a strong reviewer who comes with all the receipts… watch Casually Comics on YouTube.

Grab a cup of coffee, Sasha’s Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane series has a lot of a lot to unpack. Enjoy!

Star Wars: TIE Fighter the Anime

Star Wars: TIE Fighter the Anime

Am I tardy to the party? Nope. I was thinking about the new TIE Fighter project that I reported on last week and this came to mind again. Star Wars: TIE Fighter the Anime short film is some of the best Star Wars traditional animation that I’ve ever seen. It was uploaded to YouTube back in 2015, and has garnered over twelve million views! OtaKing77077 is still a master of his craft.

Secrets & Mysteries: Ninja the Real Story (1989)

It was in this magazine where I was introduced to Ninjutsu ❤

This is a VHS conversion from a tape that I’ve owned for over three decades. I enjoy rewatching it from time to time for nostalgia’s sake. It features Stephen K.Hayes, of the Bujinkan at that time, and members of Genbukan. I have been fascinated by the concept of the Ninja, aka Shinobi and Ninpo, the natural law that governs their actions and inactions. I began my training in a faux “Ninja” style that I wasn’t aware wasn’t authentic, and then moved into Kung Fu for a few decades. It was in 2010, when I finally found a reputable teacher from Bujinkan, when I finally began my training in the Nine Schools. In 2013 I earned my Shoden just before I had to relocate for a job in Oregon. I miss Shihan Ordoins, and all of my Shidoshi that I trained with at the Bujinkan Life Dojo. There have been many arts that I’ve trained in and with in my lifetime, none were as close to me as a family as my Buyu in that ancient budo… bujutsu artform.

“Ninja, the Real Story examines the supposedly magical warriors of the East. The film traces ninja history from its 14th-century origins and explores the martial arts masters’ mysterious ability to transform themselves into panthers and beasts of prey.”

70’s Sci-Fi Television: Do You Remember Salvage 1?

I watched this wonderful video on YouTube about Salvage 1, an Andy Griffith television program from the late 1970’s. This was a television program that I watched as a child. Since the age of the internet I’ve revisited it, speaking about the pilot movie here, from time to time as well. Is it a great show? No. It’s slow and, like many programs from that era, not very exciting. This, of course, is viewing programs through a modern lens. As a child, I recall really enjoyed this program. Not that I was keen on Salvaging, but the thought that a regular guy could build a ship and go into space really sparked my imagination.

Now I am not telling you that this is a must watch show, but if you are running low on content during these “Stay At Home” days then here is a curated playlist that I’ve put together beginning with the pilot movie.

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