Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves

Oh my! We have been tardy to this party by about ten years, we are afraid to admit. It really wasn't even a blip on the radar. There were so many other programs that were just an automatic "must watch" that we had no idea. First, it just seemed like some sort of teen angst [...]

The Monster Society

The Monster Society. This is a rarity that I do multiple characters in one piece. Now that I am thinking about it, I should have done each individually and then combined them into one piece. Originally dubbed "Kaiju Corps", I wanted to do my own Superhero team of classical monsters ala Monster Squad. I began with the [...]

Illustration: Guess Whos Coming to Riverdale?

I felt like seeing Candice King's Caroline from The Vampire Diaries in an "Archie" style. "Guess Whos Coming to Riverdale?"

Vampirella Redesign

Vampirella Redesign Reworked my inked on Bristol board piece from 2020 in digital format. I wanted to turn the femme fatal from Drakulon into a super hero.

Vampirella 1996

As a passing fan of Vampirella I had no idea as to what to expect from this film. I discovered Vampirella in the early 80's when my favorite comic book shop called Comics and Comix in Citrus Heights, California, was offering back issues of the magazine for one dollar a piece. I picked up a [...]