Incoming: Ultraman Rising

So we have some new imagery for the upcoming Ultraman project exclusive to Netflix. I cannot wait until we get some sort of teaser or full trailer. I follow the director, Shannon Tindle, on Bluesky, and he is pretty stoked. Not only that, but I have faith that it’ll be pretty fun since he loves […]

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Farewell, Sadao Iizuka

Sadao Iizuka has passed away. The legendary optical animator who created the iconic rays and beams of Ultraman. Godzilla and a plethora of other Tokusatsu projects passed away on March 24th after a career spanning seven decades. He was 88.

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Godzilla and Ultraman

Godzilla and Ultraman are both iconic Japanese pop culture characters, but they are quite different from each other. Godzilla, also known as “Gojira,” is a giant monster that first appeared in the 1954 Japanese film “Godzilla.” The character was created as a metaphor for the dangers of nuclear weapons, and the original film was a […]

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