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Old Dreams of Godaikin Revisited

In 1984, was 14 and almost as big a nerd as I am today. Those were heady days indeed. Comics were coming into the mainstream zeitgeist, video games were about to really explode after a lull, and music just kept on improving. The beautiful thing about progress is that if you choose to stay behind,… Continue reading Old Dreams of Godaikin Revisited


Mail Call… Mego Micronauts

   This week I received some great pieces in the mail. 1977 Mego Micronauts Force Commander and his mount, Oberon. These are pieces that I never owned as a child. They are missing a few parts but I am always down to hunt for bits-n-bobs.    One of my favorite things about these two is… Continue reading Mail Call… Mego Micronauts


A Light Toy Haul from Late October

   I missed sharing these from a few weeks ago. I found them all at the same vendor, and paid a dollar each. I probably could have done without the Hulk from the 90's, he looks like a pencil topper. The female toy is a non-articulated hollow piece of plastic, but she looked interesting. The… Continue reading A Light Toy Haul from Late October


Mail Call: G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. (1982)

   This came in the mail today, a Hasbro G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. from 1982. There are a few issues with it, such as the steering wheel is wrong, the guns are pretty beat up and the roll bars are busted in two spots. No worries, I love it.    Clutch, on the other hand is in… Continue reading Mail Call: G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. (1982)


Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. – Dr. Steel

   For a very long time I've wanted to do this design. It is from Jack Kirby's illustration of Dr. Steel from the packing for that classic Mattel toy. Recreating the line art using nothing by shapes was a pain, but it's scalable to any size. As what is virtually the digital inker of the… Continue reading Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. – Dr. Steel


Toy Haul: 19.01.22

   Last week I was fortunate in falling into these Star Wars Power of the Force 2 carded figures. I know that they are not doing well, market-wise, but I just had to pick them up. They belonged to a friend of a friend, and I am thankful that she approached me with the offer.… Continue reading Toy Haul: 19.01.22

Certain Point of View

My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between

  Re-Listening to Plaid Stallions “Robots” podcast. For my lists, i really wanted to pick some different robots. I agreed with most of the choices, but not all. So, without further ado, here is my list. My top 3 are: K-9 (Doctor  Who), Gonk (Star Wars: A New Hope), Zeroid(S.T.A.R. Team)    My top 3 humanoid [splitting hairs, sue me] robots are: Dorian (Almost… Continue reading My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between