Sci-Fi: Colorforms Inspired Space Angel

Sci-Fi: Colorforms Inspired Space Angel Colorforms' Outer Space Men were truly a thing of wonder. The female version was not my idea, but I picked up and ran with it. Astrodite from

Super7: Toho ゴジラ ReAction Wave 1!

Toho ReAction Wave 1! Super7 is unleashing a whole wave of Toho ReAction Figures ready to invade your collection, featuring Mechagodzilla, Jet Jaguar, Rodan, Mothra, and two versions of the King of the Monsters! Celebrate the Godzilla / ゴジラ universe with all the memorable movie monsters in this first wave of Toho ReAction Figures! Check [...]

Better. Stronger. Faster. The Six Million Dollar Man.

If you speak French, check out the original post where these images come from at Screentoyz. It looks like the author goes into detail about when each of these items were released. Before Star Wars. Before Micronauts. After G.I. Joe Adventure Team... we had The Six Million Dollar Man. Based on the hit 1973 television [...]

Super7 Shogun Godzilla

View on Entertainment Earth One of my favorite toys of the late 1970s has to be Mattel's Shogun Warriors' Godzilla. It was one of my only brand-new Shoguns, that I didn't either trade for of purchase second hand at a yard sale. The price point of a decent condition was prohibitive to my purchasing one [...]

Sale on My TeePublic Shop – 1500 Designs and Counting

View Doc's Designs on TeePublic Today I hit 1500 designs on my TeePublic account. Not all are winners, but there are a few that some folks have really enjoyed. I still have yet to see one of my shirts out in the wild, but I have a few friends who have sent me photos of [...]