Thor Love & Thunder 🤣👍

I know how much some folks don't like it, but this looks FUN. Superhero films that are too serious, that lack all joy, are just taxing. Sure sometimes they are good, but not fun. Taika really knows what I want from a comic book movie, and his style of humor fits perfectly with the Norse [...]

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is a book by Stan Lee and John Buscema. This book walks you, the aspiring comic book artist, through the process of how to draw and create comic books. John Buscema illustrated the artwork, with plenty of Jack Kirby examples included as well. The first edition was published [...]

Marvel Treasury Editions Cover Gallery

The Marvel Treasury Edition was an oversized comic book that usually contained one hundred pages of comic classic goodness. Often these were old stories reprinted in a larger format or new content. Either way, they were the biggest bang for your buck.

Thor: Love and Thunder

So this poster has been making the rounds today... Thor: Love and Thunder So this is being hailed, skeptically by some users... including me, as an official poster for the upcoming film. Don't get me wrong... this poster is on its own level of epic awesomeness, but every Marvel poster that I can recall has [...]

Dark Horse Comic’s Norse Mythology

Recently I discovered something wonderful. It's a six issue series by Dark Horse Comics called Norse Mythology. This series flew NOE under my RADAR, and I really don't know what possessed me to check it out. Yet, check it out I did and I am the richer for it. The series is penned by Neil [...]