Sale on My TeePublic Shop – 1500 Designs and Counting

View Doc's Designs on TeePublic Today I hit 1500 designs on my TeePublic account. Not all are winners, but there are a few that some folks have really enjoyed. I still have yet to see one of my shirts out in the wild, but I have a few friends who have sent me photos of [...]

Battlestar Galactica: Warriors Never Retire

Warriors Never Retire View on TeePublic

Parody Design: Keep on Tolkien’

Keep on Tolkien' on TeePublic View on TeePublic My take on Crumb's old "Keep On Truckin'" design. I was chuckling to myself while I was doing this one.

Urutora Batto-Raidaa

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Is Potato

Is Potato Russia's favorite treat, toy and thing to vote into presidential office. Inspired by a Colbert bit, this sprung to life on my tablet and is rolling along as a growing favorite in my TeePublic shop.