The Book of Boba Fett sets a High Bar for itself

The Book of Boba Fett Fett is back. Back again. Boba's back... this time he has a new plan. This is just my high level impression of the first episode. No major details or spoilers. The show opens with some flashbacks that are very necessary to setting up the backstory of his return. Legends fans, [...]

The Mandalorian Season Two

So this last week we re-watched the Mandalorian on Disney Plus, which was our fourth run through of the first season. This evening we enjoyed the first episode of the second season, chapter nine, and it was incredible! Tatooine, Mandalorian armor, Tusken Raiders, Bantha, Krayt Dragons, Old faces, and so much more. This episode came [...]

Mandalorian Season Two So the new Mando trailer dropped, and I wasn't really excited for the new season until this. Honestly, I didn't need another season of the show. It was great as a stand alone story. Too many times have I been let down for a program that never gets that second or third season. Since [...]

Success Kid, the Rest of the Story A great positive meme who has grown into a wonderful young man.