Things You Didn’t Know About the Superman Cartoon of the 1940’s

   Some of the best animation of its time, these Superman “shorts” are probably more responsible for entrenching the Man of Steel into our collective consciousness than the comic books and radio show combined. I find that a few get a bit long in the tooth due to the constant push for the buying of War Bonds content, but overall they are still top quality shows. We can also thank these 17 short features for another fan favorite, Batman:the Animated Series. You can find these episodes everywhere, so if you haven’t seen them yet it just look in the cheap video section of whatever store you like to shop in. Or you can simply see if they are streaming 😉

   Either way, watch this informative video for some interesting tidbits about the Fleischer Studios productions from the 1940’s.

John Byrne on Reinventing Superman

   I love this man’s art. Ever since I discovered the X-Men, thanks to Tony, I have been enamored by John’s style. He has so much flavor in his designs. His style is the first name that I came to recognise behind the curtain, as it were. Well him and Stan Lee. When John went to the Fantastic Four, I was ALL IN. His art was complemented by his writing. Later he moved to Wonder Woman as a worth successor to George Pérez.


   When “Man of Steel” came out, I didn’t even notice that he tweaked Kal-El’s origin. I was blown away by the aesthetic and scope of the story. Please enjoy, John regaling us with tales of his own take on Clark, and Lois.

Click through here to get to the original “Man of Steel” Mini-Series on Comixology:

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Happy Anniversary Action Comics!


   Today, Action Comics number one debuted 80 years ago! Action Comics One Thousand hits local comic shops, and millions of nerds will celebrate this milestone. Action Comics, of course, is a Superman vehicle. Superman is the reason that we are all here now. The character was the beginning of the superhero genre in the early 20th century. Sure, we had the epic tales of Gilgamesh, Heracles, or Beowulf, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Join in the fun today, and celebrate Action Comics starring Superman.

Review: Jon Schnepp’s ‘The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened?’


   So one day, a few years ago, we all woke up to the internet and saw THIS photo of Nick Cage in a Superman suit. I don’t know about you but I was like “What the hell is this!?”, and “Dodged that, faster than a speeding bullet”. You see, I had gotten so used to type casting that there was no room in my tiny, angry, nerd opinion for somebody who didn’t fit my vision on what this that character was supposed to look like. I look back at that reaction, which I really try to recognise any and all knee-jerk reaction that pop up in my life in order to crush them before they gain momentum, and I am a bit embarrassed. Michael Keaton, not the ideal classic Bruce Wayne/Batman type, but he owned the role. You would think I would have kept that in mind.


First world nerd problems.


   Enter Jon Schnepp’s ‘The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened?’ Why would I possibly watch, let alone purchase something that was related to the image above? Well Jon released a teaser. That shit was like Kool-Aid and he was handing out free samples. Now I am drinking gallons of what he’s selling. It was absolutely entertaining and informative. There are great interviews with multiple people who were involved with the production and a shit-ton of pictures, production drawings and video. I like documentaries, even though they tend to be dry. THIS doc is NOT dry in any way, shape or form. It features the always entertaining (now skinny) Kevin Smith and the enigmatic Tim Burton. Two of my favorites in the industry.

   Jon’s passion for the subject is infectious and leaves you wanting more. I purchased the digital edition and it was more than worth the price I paid. I cannot recommend this documentary enough.

Thanagarian Snare Beast!
My concept of an effective ad for this doc.

   Sure you can find somewhere to download this title. Don’t. Support Jon’s work, and Purchase this doc Right now. You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what Jon may have in store for us next.

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