Kirby, Comin’ At’cha

Jack Kirby was the master if the dynamic action comic book cover. He usually had a primary subject with some smaller secondaries or interesting background elements. These are some of the most engaging covers that make you was to purchase the book as they demanded attention.

The Crisis on CW Earths

Here at the Quantum Continuum, Mrs. Multiverse and I are re-watching the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the CW Arrowverse cross-over event that originally aired in 2019. Getting the obvious out of the way... it's nothing like the Crisis of 1985. I was fifteen when that limited series was released and felt so big. The writing [...]

Eye On New Action Figures of Note

New and Trending Items at Entertainment Earth Masters of the Universe Masterverse She-Ra Deluxe Action Figure DC Multiverse Talon 7-Inch Scale Action Figure DC Multiverse Batman Superman: Speeding Bullets 7-Inch Scale Action Figure X-Men Wolverine One:12 Collective Deluxe Steel Box Edition Action Figure I am an old school vintage collector. Heck, my hard deck of [...]

On The Scene – Presents – Super Heroes #1 Oct 1966 Warren Magazine

On The Scene - Presents - Super Heroes #1Oct 1966 Warren Magazine On The Scene - Presents - Super Heroes #1 Oct 1966 Warren Magazine originally scanned by Mophead Scan. If you want the latest scoop on Batman the movie, this is a magazine for you. The color cover pops, and I would have picked [...]