Marvel / DC Mashup: Captain Kal-Ell

Baby Kal-El's rocket ends up on the Kree home-world. He is brought up by the Supreme Intelligence to be the champion of the empire. This is an older idea I had from back when I was a frequent contributor to the "Super-Buddies" message board.

The Bat

So this started out as something else. I was inspired by a panel by José Luis García-López. When I think about it now, I am just as confused as to how it got to this point as you may be. I REALLY wanted to capture the dynamic feel of José'sSuperman coming in for a landing. [...]

DC Showcase Presents

Some of the best comic book-related entertainment has to be DC's Showcase. One-off episodes of some sometimes obscure characters and groups. While not really tied to any singular continuity, all are very entertaining. I would love to see Challengers of the Unknown given the DCS treatment. The format would make a great anthology series for [...]

Casually Comics for Comic Book Conversations

As of the time of this blog post Sasha is just about my favorite Comic Book Reviewer on YouTube. Her wit and insights are fun and informative and I am here for it all. Being an old man in the comics realm, who is pretty knowledgeable about pre Y2K comics, I find that I have [...]

Action Comics No. 434

Dentistry Action Comics: I revel in goofy comic book covers from bygone eras. Don't be like Superman... don't forget to floss, kids!