Dean Trippe’s ‘Something Terrible’

‘Something Terrible’ is a beautifully illustrated story about Dean’s struggle with something terrible from his childhood. A simple, yet powerful, read that made me tear up. I first read this comic years ago, and recently re-listened to the Fatman on Batman podcast where Kevin interviewed Dean. It reminded me of the comic and the first time I read it.


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Lieutenant M’Ress was a female Caitian Starfleet operations division officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk during the final two years of a historic five-year mission.

Review: Star Trek No. 1 (2022)

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I was pretty excited to get my hands, well it’s digital so eyes, on this issue. When I shared the news, I got some ass-hat edge-lord who thinks that pissing in someone else’s Cheerios is going to make his somehow taste better, say something smarmy that I just shrugged off. Anyhow, that didn’t ruin my anticipation for this book. Now, when I read comics, I skim them. Good art makes me linger a bit longer, but I don’t get too deep into the story. This one I read for the story and found the art to be perfect representation of the characters. Deep Space Nine ended with a loose thread where Captain Benjamin Sisko was taken to exist with the wormhole aliens that the Bajoran’s called the “Prophets”. This was an open-ended ending that could have been picked up at any point. Now, decades later I get my desire for Ben’s continued adventures. Nothing seems to be forced or pigeon-hold into the story. I do wonder why we had to get new uniform designs, don’t get me wrong… I dig the designs, but it seems to distract from the story. We get to see some familiar beings and entities, some of which were straight out of left field, and I appreciated the inclusions. The new ship is also a bit much, I would have preferred an updated Defiant class vessel, but it may grow on me. I can recommend this for Star Trek fans, non-fans will be treated to a great story but there’re a bit of past references that won’t mean much to the casual, or un-initiated. This one gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Unfinished Illustration: Vulcan Jedi

Vulcan Jedi – No Emotion, Only Peace

I’ve always liked the concept of a Vulcan Jedi. A being in complete control of their emotions possessing the ability to use the Force. I drew one in the early nineties, and the idea had stuck with me. As you can see, this piece is unfinished. I ran out of creative steam before I went to the coloring stage. Once I came up with the melding of the I.D.I.C. and Jedi symbols, it was all downhill from there.

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